It's nice to be needed

It's nice to be needed

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I see things are getting awkward between Jane and Lisbon on The Mentalist. Is she going to tell Jane about Pike’s proposal to move to D.C.? –Diana
Yup. “I’s something they’re going to talk about and have several conversations about,” says EP Tom Szentgyorgyi, adding: “It’s a process of discovery for both of them, because these are things they haven’t talked about before now.” Well hurry and talk, yo, the season ends soon!


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About Jane’s ring


(So I meant this as a response on the post going around about Jane’s ring, but I’m on mobile and for some reason it’s not letting me reblog with my comments so I’m just going to make this a separate text post.)

Look, I see it from both sides. Neither side is bullshit. I honestly don’t think it necessarily needs to come off because, like others have said, it’s a symbol of his love for his wife which is everlasting and Lisbon knows this and won’t begrudge him for still wearing it.

That being said, it has been used throughout the show as a symbol for Jane not being ready to move on. His ring caused him to want to end his date with Frye once he noticed it because he realized he wasn’t ready to start dating again like he thought. He has used his ring repeatedly to ward off attention from women who find him attractive. And most recently, it was firmly established as a symbol for his inability to move on in My Blue Heaven. He took it off for his “date” with Kim to kind of try out the idea of moving on, but he ended up putting the ring back on the morning after because he realized he still wasn’t quite ready/that it wasn’t the right person yet.

So I do think that the writers will use the ring in the finale as a symbol for Jane finally being ready to let go of the past and realize that his family will always be in his heart and that he doesn’t necessarily need the physical reminder.

Also, keep in mind that although Lisbon completely understands why he still wears the ring and doesn’t need him to take it off to prove anything, she still most likely sees it as a symbol of his unavailability. As long as Jane is consumed with his past and blames himself for the death of his family and still feels like he owes them something, he will never be ready to fully give his heart to someone and give Lisbon the love she deserves, as well as letting himself be loved by her the way he deserves.
The next few episodes will be about Jane realizing this fact and coming to terms that Lisbon is the one who will make it worth it to finally put his past behind him. Of course he will never forget his family and never stop loving his wife, but the ring has almost become a kind of cage that holds him back from letting himself love and be loved fully.

So although I don’t think the ring needed to be used in that way, I think that the way it’s been used throughout the show has made it into that kind of symbol and I think it will be used that way in the finale.